Friday, April 8, 2011

Ready to transition

My last triathlon was in September 2010 and what I took out of that race was a great bike segment and a shitty crappy miserable forgettable run segment. The whole drive home (and it was a loooong drive) all I could think about was how I blew up a perfectly good race by turning out one of the worst running performances ever. Something had to give and I decided quickly to take advantage of an actual off season to work on this glaring weakness.

Since late September I've been dedicated to running and pushing the envelope. My focus was setting PR's throughout the fall culminating with the half marathon that I am running next weekend. I took on the role of the "PR Hunter" and was taking aim at every race I lined up for.

I think the real key of my success was changing my mindset about my running and really making a commitment to change. I saw a great quote today that sums it up:

"the only way to find the limits of the possible
is by going beyond them into the impossible."

Next weekend I will stand on the starting line of the half marathon with a PR in sight. And when I cross that finish line, my triathlon season will officially begin. This running experiment was definitely worth the investment. I feel I have laid down a great foundation to springboard off of for the upcoming race season. It's been a great ~7 months of running and I am ready to move on and change up my focus.

My first triathlon is in early June. It really will just be a training day for me to give me some intensity in my workout and see how well I run off the bike. The real racing begins in July and peaks with my "A" race in September. Plus Team BAMF is reuniting for another race this summer. Our motto for the race this year is "Go big or go home!"  It's going to be a great summer of racing!!

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  1. Yaaaay.. here goes, I might even jump into the season with you..
    Let's see that baaad ass bike fit in serious action!