Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sites along the way in Raleigh, NC

Went riding today through some nice neighborhoods. Of course there is always that one house that makes you stop and stare (this house was not in the nice neighborhood).

The signs of a good sherpa/wingman:

Sherpa: "Do you want to pack some riding gloves for the trip?"
Me: "Nah.  It's going to be warm. I won't need them."

Fast forward 48 hours:

Me: "oh man, it's so cold. I'm stupid. I should have packed my gloves."
Sherpa: "You mean these? I packed them for you just in case."

Our trip in Raleigh was not complete without a trip to an NHL game. The Carolina Hurricanes were hosting the NY Islanders. Anyone that knows me knows my two favorite teams are the Rangers and anyone playing the Islanders. Needless to say it was a great game. It was the worst defeat in Islanders history. They lost 9-0. The fans were going nuts, chanting "We want 10. We want 10."

The one goal I have is to see a game in every NHL city. So far I have knocked 9 cities off the list. Only 21 more to go...........

From there we headed to the Outer Banks for a few days. We stayed in the Kill Devil Hills area. The temps were great for riding. But before we went riding, we walked over to the Wright Brothers field. I was totally thinking it would be just a plain airstrip/open field, but turns out it was a nice museum and pavillion.  The pic below is the takeoff point for each of the 1st four flights. The smaller stones in the background are the different landing points.

And this is my Wingman trying to re-create the flight ;-)

Our ride in the Outer Banks was great. It's flat as a pancake and not too much traffic right now. Since it is still the offseason, the traffic wasn't too bad. We stayed off the main strip so I could get a little lazy and drop my head every once in a while. And since I had to do an all out 30 min TT for Jen, this was the place to do it. I put the hammer down and let 'er rip!! 

Oh, and beware of flying cows ;-)

Sadly, we had to come home to not so warm weather and rain. And I have a research exam on Wednesday when I get back to school. I will be spending Easter sunday studying (not like I celebrate Easter anyway). I will go running in the morning and then spend the rest of the day down in the basement :-(