Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Changing gears

Monday was a rest day for me before I begin my serious training for the upcoming triathlon season. I am still ticked off about the race from Sunday, but my anger is wearing off. I would have been OK with the change to a 10 miler had it actually been a 10 miler. I received an email yesterday from the race people with some half-assed excuse about why they changed it to a 9.55 mile race. I'm still not buying it. But I am looking at the big picture and see that I held a great pace over that distance. My splits were all over the place because of the heavy winds, but I dug in, put my head down and fought through it. I am happy with my personal effort despite not setting any kind of PR. I had a solid 7 months of running and saw my times come down.

Yesterday I came home and debated where I was going to ride. The weather looked sketchy and I didn't know if the predicted rain would hold out. I knew if I stayed indoors to ride it would never rain and if I went outside it would come pouring down. Obviously I chose to ride inside and it never rained. Oh well. I got a solid hour on the trainer in. Hopefully I will be outdoors more often soon. I'll also be heading back to the pool this week.  I've gone sporadically this winter/early spring but now I will be more consistent.

This morning I went out for a short run. It was designed to be an 'easy' run as part of my recovery from running 13.1 miles. But since I came no where near that distance Sunday, I wasn't worried. I still kept the pace easy and was enjoying the early morning run. Today is a long day at my clinical (9a-8p) so I had to get up early to get the run in. I snuck home for lunch and and to put my feet up for a bit. I will head back shortly for the afternoon grind. Then the week is more than halfway over!!

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