Monday, May 2, 2011

Where does the time go?

The weeks keep flying by and I feel like I am in autopilot mode. I have a routine I follow and that seems to get me through the day. My clinical takes up a good chunk of my time. It's not just time spent in the office, but time at home prepping/reading/researching etc. On top of that, I have been swimming/biking/running too. I had to write up my last midterm evaluation. My CI and I sat down last week and reviewed them together. We were pretty much on the same page with feedback about my performance. There are some things that just take time and experience to improve, but otherwise I am ahead of where I need to be right now.

I think I can say the same about my cycling. I remember this time last year I was not riding as well as I am right now. Not that I'm riding like a superstar right no, I feel better in the saddle earlier in the season. This week proved to be a challenging week. I was out Tuesday and Friday afternoon for a workout and man did I work out. The winds were not kind to me. I try to check the weather before I head out so I can plan what direction I am riding in. I usually head out into the wind and return home with the wind. Tuesday I had a crosswind to contend with. I couldn't get down into the aerobars as the wind was blowing me all around. Friday was a little bit better, bit it was still hell going out. My workouts were calling for intervals, but it felt more like a steady effort. There really wasn't a chance to 'ease up' on the ride. I just kept thinking how it will make me a better/stronger rider.

Saturday, Wingman and I went out for our long ride. I looked at the forecast and planned a nice route. It wasn't too long. We covered ~38 miles. I focused on keeping my legs moving throughout the ride and making sure I nail my nutrition. I know if I go too long without calories, I can get pretty ugly:

After a long ride last year.........

I'm working out a new nutrition strategy this year. The stuff I used last year was failing me over the winter so I have been changing things up. I can feel my energy levels staying steady over the course of the ride. When I am done with the ride I am pooped, but it's the normal end of ride fatigue, not a feeling of exhaustion.

Sunday morning I went out for my long run. My legs were a little heavy after the long ride on Saturday. I was spoiled all winter running on legs that weren't so beat up. But I know this season I am further along with my running fitness than I was last year at this time. I plodded along and finished the run ~10 seconds slower per mile than I ran the previous weeks. Hopefully it was just an anomaly and not a sign of things to come. I shudder to think that as it gets warmer I will get slower until the fall comes around again. I excel in 30-40 degree temperatures so once we get over 50, all bets are off.

I hit the pool this week. I went down to the masters swim group and was working hard. The workout for the night was a heavy kicking workout. I hate kicking. Especially when he wants us to use kickboards. All it does is create havoc for my SI joint so I skip the kickboard and the coach on the deck gives me other things to do. Usually I have different drills I do. In a few more weeks they will be swimming outdoors. My first outdoor swim is in early June and hopefully the water will be a decent temperature.

Today is a rest day for me and tomorrow I have some hill work to do. Hopefully my legs won't fall off.....

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