Friday, July 31, 2009

Banking more Karma points

I am putting more points into my Karma bank. I woke up early this morning so I could beat the heat and humidity for my workout. I had a 1 hour run planned and when you get out early, it's quite nice. I loaded some new tunes onto my iPod last night so I had some different stuff to listen to. I was just getting going when I had a great pick-me-up. The Beatles Good Day Sunshine, followed by Good Morning, Good Morning. I got to my turn around point and was heading back when I stumbled upon car keys on the ground. I reached down to pick them up and noticed a tag on it for a local gym. I carried the keys home and after my shower I drove to the gym. They scanned the tag and said they would call the owner and let her know. Whoo hooo, more points in the bank. First I saved the dogs, now this.

So now that I am off for a couple of weeks, I am back in the kitchen. The other night I made bolognese sauce. It started with some sauteed onions:

Then I added the meat mix (beef, veal, pork) and chopped it fine:

Once the meat lost it's 'raw' color, added some milk and simmered:

Once the milk was gone, added some wine and simmered more:

Once the wine soaked up, I added the canned tomato (chopped) and cooked over low heat for 2 hours:

Once it was done, I poured it over some whole wheat pasta:

The good news is I have left overs of the sauce for another night.

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