Saturday, July 18, 2009

Paul McCartney

So last night Wingman and I drove to Citi Field to see the opening show for Paul McCartney at the "new Shea Stadium". As usual Sir Paul did not disappoint. I've seen him live 3 times now and I am crossing my fingers to try for a 4th show this summer!
*small bit of trivia, this blog is named for a song written by Lennon/McCartney

He had some opening band that I didn't really pay attention to. I mean, really, I was there to see Paul and only Paul.

Finally around 9pm Paul came on stage. Sorry the pictures aren't so good, I wasn't close enough to get some good shots.

His set list contained the usual Beatles/Wings/McCartney mix. He pulled out a song from the original Shea Stadium show "I'm Down". He even pulled out "I've Got a Feeling" from "Let It Be". The place came alive when he played "Back In the U.S.S.R". Gotta say I was surprised to hear him play "A Day In the Life". My only gripe, and I am sure I was in the minority last night, was "Let It Be" and "Hey jude". If I never hear him play those songs again, I would be OK with it. They are overplayed and he has such a library of Beatles songs to pull from like "Two of Us", "Getting Better", or "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da". I think you get my point.

Here are some pics from "Live and Let Die"

At some point early in the show, it started to rain, but no one seemed to mind. I brought my hooded raincoat and stayed relatively dry throughout the show. The rain started around "Let Me Roll It" and I think finally stopped around "I'm Down".

Here's the complete set list:

Drive My Car
Only Mama Knows
Flaming Pie
Got To Get You Into My Life
Let Me Roll It/Foxey Lady
The Long and Winding Road
My Love
Here Today
Dance Tonight
Calico Skies
Mrs. Vanderbilt
Eleanor Rigby
Sing the Changes
Band on the Run
Back in the U.S.S.R.
I’m Down
I’ve Got a Feeling
Paperback Writer
A Day in the Life/Give Peace a Chance
Let It Be
Live and Let Die
Hey Jude

Day Tripper
Lady Madonna
I Saw Her Standing There (with Billy Joel)

Helter Skelter
Get Back
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band/The End

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