Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

I had a long weekend of training planned and a wedding to go to Sunday afternoon. Originally we were thinking of going out to Montauk to ride, but sleeping in a little seemed like a better option. So we finally head out and do (as Wingman calls it) the "Tour de Riverhead". It's a 3 hour loop that takes us through Baiting Hollow/Calverton, Riverhead, Manorville, Wading River, Ridge, Middle Island, Rocky Point, Shoreham, Wading River, and back to Baiting Hollow. We were cruising along and I was spot on with pacing my nutrition until ~2.25 hours in. I suddenly was craving a soda or something sweet like it. I was also feeling a little tired. I passed a 7-11 and seriously thought about stopping for a pepsi, but the potential combination of sport drink I already consumed, the huge amount of sugar, and the carbonation would have been a lethal trifecta:

This would be my stomach if I had bought a soda. So instead I continued my way home. And oddly enough I was tempted to pull over and take a nap. I got home and finished my workout. Then I began the recovery process. I was flat on my back on the floor, legs up on the couch. Wingman copied the position as well. Within seconds I was out like a light. I must have been asleep for a few minutes and then woke up. We went out to get something to eat and then I went for my favorite "ice bath":

There is nothing like helping my legs recover from a hard workout like walking waist deep in the Long Island Sound.

Sunday we had a wedding to go to. For weeks I was in denial about having to go. I hate getting dressed up. I always said "Denial ain't just a river in Egypt". Now this wedding was at 3:30p (or so I thought) and around 11a, I finally decided to go out shopping for something to wear. But first, I call my parents to confirm the time of the wedding. I could not find my invitation and called my dad. I asked him if the wedding was at 3:30p and he said "yeah, that sounds about right." I hang up and head out. We went over to Tanger. I brought the Wingman along because not only is he my Wingman, but my race Sherpa, and my fashion coordinator. I have zero sense of fashion and he is kind enough to not let me walk out the door looking too bad. There were many mornings that I heard "That doesn't go together" as I got ready for work. And this morning he helped me again. I already owned a pair of black dress pants so I needed a top. We went into most of the stores in Tanger I until I found the right top. Didn't really take too long. It was like a covert mission. We would go into each store and split up and walk around. We're working on using hand signals to save time:

When I paid for the top, I looked at the time: 12:15p. Doing well on time. Oh crap, gotta go out and get a card. So we head over to another store to get a card. We're home by 12:45p. I see there is a message on the answering machine. It's my mother calling to tell me my father was wrong and the wedding was at 3p, not 3:30p. We have to leave by 2:15p. That gives us 1.5 hours for me to shower and for Wingman to shave and shower.

Needless to say we made good time and were ready with time to spare. So I get into the proper state of mind for a wedding by watching a documentary on the hunt for Ted Kaczynski. I was flipping channels while waiting and stumbled on it. So now that I got my mind right, we left for Oakdale. We made it in plenty of time. The ceremony and reception were in the same location. Phew, no extra driving. I succeeded with my goal of only eating one item at the cocktail hour and saving room for dinner. Glad I did that. When it was time to leave, I didn't feel like a bloated pig on the ride home. Most catering places use a ton of salt in their preparation and that was the last thing I wanted.

We were home pretty early from the reception so no late night for us. Thank goodness. I had to get up at 5:30a to meet up with my new swimming buddies down at the lake for my workout. Usually when I swim I go in the late afternoon with Wingman and the kayak so I am not alone. But last week we bumped into a couple that normally swim in the morning. I wind up making arrangements to meet up with them in the mornings to swim. The lake this morning was still and looked like a mirror. Very peaceful looking. Got my workout in and made it home in time to see Wingman off to work. Not a bad morning at all.

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