Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rain, Rain go away

Yesterday I had some great weather for my ride. I woke up early, hit the bathroom and sat on the couch and almost immediately fell asleep again. It's a tough 15' walk down the hall to the living room and sometimes I need a recovery nap.....

I didn't nap for long though. I got up and changed for my workout of the day. I grabbed my bike and bottles and rode off on my two hour loop. A few weeks ago Wingman and I did this loop in 2:10 and I think it was mainly because of the winds. Saturday was a calm weather day and I took advantage of it. I was flying out of the gates. The pedaling seemed effortless and I was worried that I wasn't riding hard enough. I looked down at my power numbers and the watts were a little higher than previous rides and so was the speed. Even riding the small rollers on the road seemed easier too. Of course being the pessimist I am, I kept thinking that I would hit the wall soon.

Things were going smoothly until I got near Middle Island. Some old broad with her white hair pulled her mini-wagon over in front of me on the shoulder. She didn't cut me off, but she pulled in front of me as I was approaching I could not get around her. She was just sitting in the car. I was afraid to go around on her left because I feared she would pull out and hit me. So I stopped behind her and knocked on her rear window and yelled "LET'S GO ALREADY!! YOU'RE BLOCKING THE SHOULDER!!!"  She pulled out and started driving again. Drivers out there have no concept of anyone else on the road.

Once she left I started riding again. I was nearing the turn to head north. Even CR21 seemed like a breeze today. Before I knew it I was up at 25A and ready to head home. The ride home is great because of the nice wide shoulders on the road. I can relax a little bit but still put the hammer down. At this point I was heading south (same direction the 'wind' was coming from) and it was easy. I think there was just a slight breeze, but it didn't slow me down.

The rest of the ride was uneventful until I pulled up to a stop sign ~3 miles from home. I looked across the road at another cyclist stopping at the sign. I thought "hmm, he looks familiar" and then realized it was Wynn. The odds of us rolling to a stop at the same time was freaky. I knew I should have played the lottery last night.....

We stopped for a few minutes to compare workouts and to checkout his new ride. This season he is riding a new tri bike he had built up over the winter. The frame is made by Blue and it looks sharp. He had his nice wheels on. I still have my welfare rear wheel on the Beast. I think in another week I will put my good wheel (clincher, not tubular) back on. Since it looks like rain most of the week I will probably be on the trainer again so no use in swapping wheels yet.

Wynn and I bid farewell and I finished the ride home. I had a brick workout on the schedule so I quickly changed my shoes, grabbed a last swig of my drink and headed out the door for a 30 minute run. My legs were so heavy that the first 5 minutes felt like 15. But it wasn't long after that when my running legs came around. The running felt easier and before I knew it, my GPS signaled that I was one mile in. My pace was pretty fast for having just rode 2:05. The second mile was just about as fast as the first one. I was already heading home and I heard the watch beep. Somehow I lost my GPS signal. So now the clock had been ticking and no mileage was calculated so that means my third mile was recorded as pretty slow. Once I got the signal back I made up for lost time. I was flying the last half mile. By the time I got home I calculated that I ran for ~1 minute with no GPS signal. Overall I was happy with the run.

I got inside, had a quick snack and took a shower. I made lunch and sat on the couch to eat it. As soon as I finished eating I was out like a light. I woke up about 45 minutes later with my plate still in my lap.

I woke up and took a drive to my folks house and we went out to dinner. From there I went to Whole Foods to pick up a few things.

This morning I have a 10 mile run scheduled but the weather is just not cooperating. It is raining on and off and I am trying to figure out when to run. If it was maybe 10 degrees warmer I wouldn't hesitate to get out and run in the rain, but then again the idea of blisters on my feet from wet shoes is not very inviting. So it looks like I will cap my workout with just an hour run on the treadmill and then ride the trainer later to flush it out. The rest of the week looks like a washout too.

On the bright side, the Wingman and I are officially signed up for the Army 10 Miler in October. This will be our 4th year running it. It's a great race and the Army does a great job hosting it.

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