Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is getting ridiculous

Today had such promise. I am winding down heading into a race this weekend. Last night I picked up some new tri shorts due to the fact that I have managed to rip 3 pairs over the last few months. The hole is in the same place and I just figured it was from my leg rubbing the seat. But after today's ride, the seat is not the culprit. It is the seat bracket! Ah ha!!

On my ride this morning, about 30 minutes in, I felt that familiar stinging sensation. F*%k! I pulled over and checked my shorts. Yep, there was a hole in my nice new shorts. I took this time to look over the seat and noticed that the bracket had a sharp edge to it. All this time it was the bracket that was ripping my shorts. So it wasn't the ice cream I had for dessert last night ;-)

In order to get home without ripping my leg open, I thought, what would MacGyver do?

I had no duct tape, chewing gum, paper clip, or string. I found a rock and used it to file down the sharp edge as much as I could. Then I studied the seat from all angles and noticed that from the top, the bracket is wider than the seat itself. Not good. I made it home without making the hole in my shorts worse and called Wingman at work. I asked him to help me figure out a way to make a cover or something for the bracket. He is a master when it comes to stuff like this. So now I wait.

I moved my massage appt up to today because my neck and lower back were bothering me and seemed more stiff than usual. So after my shower, I leave the house to drive to see Tammy. I get in my Civic and notice the windshield is dirty so I turn on the wipers. Imagine my horror as I watched a crack make it's way across my windshield!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why, why does this happen to me? The good news is I have glass coverage so when I get back from my race, I will get the windshield replaced.

So after dinner tonight, Wingman takes a look at the seat bracket and can't come up with a way to cover the bracket in a nice manner. We took the old seat cover from another bike, but it did not come down low enough to cover them. At this point I called the bike shop and tomorrow I will bring it down and see what Darren and Brian can come up with. Hopefully there is a good solution. I can't afford to go through one pair of shorts per ride.


  1. hey Su, how about a naked ride? no shorts needed...

  2. Sinead, Um, no naked ride for me. No one needs to see the horror. ;-)