Monday, January 2, 2012

Riding in the New Year

To celebrate the new year (and fantastic weather), the Wingman and I headed over to Wynn & Teresa's house for a 2 hour 'social' ride. Unfortunately Joan is battling a cold so she and Ian had to sit this one out. We use the term 'social' for some rides so there is an understanding that the pace will be easy and we stay together as a group. We had a rough route planned out that was a loop starting and ending in Manorville, that rode through Northampton, Westhampton Beach, Remsenberg, and Easport before finishing up.

The weather was unbelievable. I had a few lighter layers on with some toe covers. My gloves were stripped off within 20 minutes of starting the ride. When we got to the golf course road, we were greeted by a locked fence. So we did what any reasonable cyclist would do. We passed bikes over the fence and then climbed over. Then we did the same when we got to the other end. Except this time we walked around the end of the fence to get out onto the road. As we headed south I could feel the wind picking up a little. The route was planned so we would ride into the wind heading out and then get some tailwind on the way home. Once we were south of Montauk Hwy, we stayed on side roads to get some shelter from the wind. There were many times we had no idea where to turn, but it didn't matter. We were just out to enjoy the day.

I brought the camera along to snap a few 'in ride' photos.  Sorry if some are a little blurry, hard to get good shots while riding.

 Wynn & Teresa on the golf course road

 The ever lovable Wingman

 Road as far as the eye can see

 Wynn & Teresa

 Teresa with the guys up ahead

 The views are easy on the eyes

Teresa and my sweet Reynolds wheel......

I couldn't think of a better way to ring in the new year (except if Ian and Joan came along) than with a bike ride with friends. Afterwards we had a little chili and conversation at W&T's. Then we bid them farewell and let them continue to recover from their NY party the night before. Next weekend we plan on getting out for another spin.

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