Thursday, April 22, 2010

Follow the leader

I had a ride planned with Teresa and the "B Train" (aka Ian and Joan). I was to meet up with Teresa around 5:15p and then we'd meet Ian and Joan at 5:30p. Well, around 4:30 I heard rumbling. I went into denial and just said "I must be hungry" and continued to get ready. Then I saw a flash and again in denial, just said "Must be having a stroke" and still continued on my way. I packed my bike into the car and left. Teresa called while I was enroute and said Wynn told her a storm was coming. We decided to move forward with the plan to ride, but change the route so we were never that far from her house.

The sky looked pretty decent when we left. We made our way down "the hill" and found Ian and Joan waiting at the bottom. Teresa mentioned a route to follow and off we went. I had my tri bike so I had to maintain a little distance from the group since I would be in my aerobars.

The B Train led the way. When we got to Mill Road, I thought we were going straight, but they made a right. I looked back to Teresa and she said she thought they would go straight. So we followed along. When we got to Edwards, they said let's make a left and then double back. I mentioned to Teresa why don't we make a right and head back that way. She shot me a look that if she had daggers for eyes, I'd be dead instantaneously. Making a right would mean eventually she would have to ride up "Mount Ventoux" or as most folks would know it as the hill on 51. So I zipped it and followed the leader. I wasn't sure exactly where we were heading so I could never ride up front. I sat in the middle and would occasionally help Teresa bridge the gap back up to the B Train. 

The weather held up nicely. We unanimously agreed that Wynn should quit his day job and become a meteorologist. His prediction was just as accurate as the guys that get paid to do it.

Tomorrow I have a busy day planned. There is no session at the lab so I am off, but I have a doctor's appt for a physical and then an ortho session with Sinead.

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