Friday, July 18, 2008

My rides and NYC prep

Cervelo P2C Tri bike, 51cm
FSA compact cranks (50/34 - 172.5 mm cranks) with 12-27 cassette
Vision basebar with s-bend
Flashpoint 60 wheels (700 clincher)
Fizik Arione Tri2 seat

Specialized Tarmac (carbon frame)
SRAM Red groupset w/compact cranks ( 50/34 - 170mm crank arms) 11-26 cassette
Mavic Ksyrium ES wheels (700 clincher)

I'll take some better pictures later on, but for now, you can see what I am spending my time riding on. I got the SRAM installed on the road bike earlier this year and what a sweet ride this bike has now. I prefer to spend more time on it (like my 2 hour ride today). Well, I am just about packed for the NYC Tri (Cervelo will be tearing up the West Side Highway). Now I just have to go over the logistics with the Wingman!!! 

I'll report when I return (as long as I don't swallow any Hudson River water). I told a friend of mine that if I was to swallow some water, I will be carrying a flare gun with me to speed the rescue people to get me. I want my stomach pumped ASAP. No way do I want that stuff making it's way out of my stomach and into the intestines. 

And to Joanie who told me to say hi to the fishes in the Hudson, um, I don't want to see what can survive in that water. If I remember my Godfather history, Luka Brasi sleeps with the fishes. They claim that it is the cleanest body of water in NYC. Wow, they might want to keep that information quiet. I mean, I'm not impressed by the competition the Hudson has. And if anyone has any influence with mother nature, can you hook me up with a strong southern current in the Hudson?

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