Friday, August 24, 2012

Calm before the storm

We drove up to Maine on Wednesday for a little R&R before my race on Sunday. It's been a busy summer and I wanted a little peace and quiet from the insanity/BS of the Hamptons. We were on the 11a ferry out of Orient and on our way. We made it to the hotel before dinner time. We managed to get everything up to the room in two trips.

Thursday morning we packed the bikes into the Element and drove most of the bike course to check it out. We parked at a local supermarket and decided to ride part of the course. It seems very manageable, but you have to be patient early on. While it is a relatively flat course, most of the elevation gain is in the first 18-19 miles. If you pace yourself well there, you can be rewarded with a great 2nd half. So far the weather forecast looks like the winds will be low and if I get lucky with the weather, the humidity will come way down when I start the run. Bonus!!

Today was packet pickup at the race expo. This is the first year at the venue for Rev3. So far, they have done well at other locations so I anticipate them doing well here. The turnout will be around ~1000 athletes between the olympic and half Rev. Hopefully that won't mean I will be DFL........

Tomorrow the Wingman and I will do an early swim to get a feel for the water temperature. I was torn between a full sleeve and sleeveless wetsuit.  The water temperature is 65 degrees. Everyone I emailed said they would go full sleeve for this one. Ian even went so far as to say "Don't be a jackass, wear the full sleeve, it will be faster." So full sleeve it will be. There is also an athlete meeting and mandatory bike check in. I will get all of that done early and then just try to relax in the afternoon.

The race is Sunday morning and hopefully I have a great race in me. I know my pacing for the bike so I don't ruin my run. I just have to GTWD Sunday..............

Swim start, heading towards the pier

 No messy racks to deal with, just grab your bike and go

 Rev3 has some big trucks to haul their gear

Some day I will get my coveted race number '666'

 So much junk food down at the Pier, but it looks so good

And the mother of all snacks - Nutella Crepes

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