Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend ride

This past weekend Wingman and I ventured out with Wynn, Teresa, Ian and Joan for a ride out east. I had a workout on the schedule so I was only able to join for half the ride. The plan was to ride out east, stop for lunch and head home. It all sounded good, except I wouldn't be able to stop. In order to reach my race goals this season, I have to hit my long workout goals.

We met up and I led the way out to the oil tanks near the sound. The back roads were lightly traveled. The main roads were packed with cars heading to the strawberry festival out east. Once we hit CR 48, it picked up a bit. There was a slight tailwind, but it really didn't impact the speed so far. A little further up the road and we headed north again and made our way to Horton's Lighthouse. The fog was still over the sound so we couldn't see the water.

It was at this point we bid farewell to our friends and Wingman and I headed home. Once we got out onto CR 48 I dropped down into the aerobars and let 'er rip!! I felt really strong on the bike. Despite a slight headwind, I was flying. I nailed my nutrition perfectly during the first half of the ride and it was paying off for the second half. I felt so strong I thought I could rip the crank arms off the bike!

Once we got home I quickly changed and went out for a quick two mile run. After the run I had lunch and relaxed on the couch for a while. It certainly was a well deserved rest.

My "B+" race is coming up in two weeks. I am pretty excited to see how I can hold up over three days of racing. It will be tricky to get the pacing right. I don't want to go all out and have nothing left for the last race but then again I don't want to finish up and still have something in the tank. It will be interesting to find that balance.

 Heading up to the oil tanks

 The fog is still prominent in the distance

 The deer near the tanks

 Closer look at the deer

 Teresa on her bike, shot over my shoulder

 Waiting for a truck that was stuck in the mud

 Grape fields

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