Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Getting back to my roots

Monday morning, Wingman and I went down to the lake for an open water swim. We were joined by Teresa and Wynn for a short swim. In no time we changed into our wetsuits and waded into the lake. The water temp was perfect for swimming. I wore my sleeveless wetsuit and couldn't have been more comfortable. As usual, the lake was alive with nature's creatures. I saw the occasional turtle and osprey and the bullfrogs were making their presence known. But the one animal I hadn't seen before until Monday was the lovable muskrat.

Not the actual muskrat in the lake

The swim was over pretty quick and we chatted a little more with W&T in the parking lot. The only thing missing was Ian, the keeper of the lake.

This is Ian with blonde hair

On the way home I realized how much I missed training with my friends, especially my partner in crime Teresa. My schedule has been a little wacky so I haven't been able to join up with them at all this winter. Plus they have some early season races and my big races are in September so our training volume is different as well. 

Tuesday the Wingman and I were fortunate enough to join up with Wynn and Teresa again for a swim. This time it was after work, not in the morning. When I got home I went out for a run and holy cow, it was hot out. I checked the weather on my 'smartphone' and was dumbfounded by what I saw. It said it was 79, but feels like 80. What?!?!  

 I know monkey, how can someone 
differentiate between 1 degree?

I mean, who figures this shit out? "Well, the thermometer says 79, but I'm telling you Bob, it feels more like 80 to me." It just goes to show the weather people have too much free time on their hands.

I barely survived the heat on the run. But I know it made the swim in the lake much more refreshing. We completed a mile swim and talked about the upcoming races. Our 3 amigos are heading up to New Hampshire for a race this weekend. I know they will represent LI well and kick some butt!! I have a sprint tri this Sunday. It will be a nice training day for me.

After everyone returns from their races, we should be able to get together more for some fun swims, rides, runs and food!! I can't wait!

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