Saturday, December 25, 2010

Torte Reform

Well, maybe not that kind of torte reform. I decided to try my hand at making a torte for Christmas Eve dinner at Dolores and Lou's. Last year I made a triple chocolate mousse cake. Each year I like to do something new, so a torte was in order. The one I settled on was a Chocolate-Raspberry Torte.

 Always start with the best chocolate, never skimp

Mmmm, chocolate and butter melting

Chocolate, butter and espresso 

 Flour and almond mix

 Baking rounds filled with parchment

 Half of the torte assembled with raspberry mix

 Torte assembled prior to ganache

 Oh yeah, more chocolate and heavy cream

Raspberries totally make this healthy

Transferred to the cake carrier, ready for departure

The torte was a hit at dinner last night. Of course there are little things here and there I could improve upon, but I didn't hear anyone complain about. So now I have to start planning next year's dessert!

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