Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hard to believe

It's been 30 years since John Lennon was murdered outside his apartment in NYC. Rolling Stone magazine is releasing the entire transcript from his last interview 3 days before he was killed.  In an excerpt I read, some of what he says is pretty eerie. His comment about the fans criticizing him for his 5 year hiatus:

"What they want is dead heroes, like Sid Vicious and James Dean," he said. "I'm not interested in being a dead f------ hero ... so forget 'em, forget 'em."

And his talk about touring again: 

"But there will be no smoke bombs, no lipstick, no flashing lights. It just has to be comfy. But we could have a laugh. We're born-again rockers, and we're starting over ... There's plenty of time, right? Plenty of time."

We only wish he had plenty of time. It would have been great to see him reinvent himself over the years. He was an amazing songwriter and musician.

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