Thursday, November 11, 2010

What a week

Ever since my wipeout Sunday, I have been having some stiffness in my sacral-pelvic area. No pain, but stiffness with movement. I was chugging along this week and after my run yesterday, I knew I had a problem. My right IS joint was incredibly achy. I could feel restrictions when swinging my leg. I tried every self mobilization and various techniques to relieve the stiffness, but nothing gave me any real relief. I did my usual 800mg ibuprofen and that took the edge off, but the problem still existed. I needed another set of hands. I sent my classmate an SOS email and she agreed to meet me early before class Thursday.

I got there early and was a good patient. I gave her my history and what I've done to try to treat it. She quickly went to work evaluating my innominates first. I heard a lot of "hmmm" and "wow" coming from her. I knew something was up, I just didn't think there was as much stuff as she found. My right leg was longer than my left leg (LLI). Normally they are the same length, so something was up with my right innominate.

First item up for fixing was my pubic symphysis. This was easily corrected with a shotgun technique. But getting it to snap was no easy feat. I could feel it wanting to pop, but it took a slight change in position to get it to go. The pubic alignment was better, but the LLI was still present. Time to address the right innominate. She did a few techniques that got it moving again. Phew, 2 down, 1 to go.

In sitting, she looked at the position of my sacrum. It was bad. The right side was completely stuck. When she tried to mobilize it, I could feel it did not want to budge. I told her I was OK and to keep pushing through. After ~20 oscillations, I could finally feel it move. She did a few more and then I sat up for her to re-assess. It was now moving as it should. I could tell just from changing my posture that it was freer than before. I thanked her profusely and bought her a Starbucks coffee. It was so worth the price!!

I spent most of the morning on and off the ice pack to try to keep the joint calm. She offered to mob it one more time before I left for the day, but I felt it was still OK.

I have a short taper run tomorrow before my race on Sunday. I am eager to race so I can see where I am at in terms of the 10k distance. Barring a catastrophe (I am staying off the MTB until after the race), I feel confident a PR can be had. My run early this week was pretty quick and I wasn't even going at race pace. I just have to remember Sunday to start closer to the front so I don't get caught in race traffic. If I am going to miss setting a PR, I don't want it be because of congestion at the start. I will go over my pacing for each mile Sunday morning in order to meet my goal.  I can feel a good race brewing inside and I'm going to leave it all out there.

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