Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Running For Michael

In my last post, I mentioned about my cousin Michael and his relapse of leukemia. He starts his chemo on Monday and it will last ~4 months. Then he will need a bone marrow transplant. Michael is a tough guy so I know he will fight through this.

I've been trying to figure out a way to do some fund raising for him and after a few days of working it out, I've got the idea. The Army 10 Miler is coming up. What I am looking for is people to sponsor me for the race. The sponsorship is tied into how many people I finish ahead of. If you want to sponsor me, you would pledge an amount of money per person I finish ahead of. Using last year's race as a reference, I passed nearly 5,000 people (it's a big race). Obviously people are not going to give me $1/person. But here is an example of a breakdown (using last year's amount):

  1. $0.005   $25
  2. $0.01     $50
  3. $0.02     $100
  4. $0.05     $250
  5. $0.10     $500
The actual race day amount will be slightly different, based on how many people I finish ahead of. If I have a bad race, the amount will be less than what's listed above, but if I have a great race, then it could be more. Have some faith in me that I'm going to have a GREAT race. After all, I will be super motivated to finish ahead of as many people as I can. If I set a PR, you can add a bonus on the amount ($5, $10, whatever you want). 

So if you are interested, please email me and let me know what level of sponsorship you would like
heygoalie31 at verizon.net

The race date is Sunday October 24th.

Please feel free to contact me with questions about the donations.

UPDATE: The actual amount you are donating will be determined by how many people I pass in this years race. The dollar amounts above are based on last year's race.  You would pledge .01, .02, .05, or .10 and then muliply it by how many people I pass in the race.  I will report on Sunday the 24th the number I passed and then I will collect the money. Hope this clears up any questions!

Michael (in blue) helping Nico


  1. Susan, You are the BEST!!! You and your family have been such a big help.

  2. Soon as I can figure out a decent way to print this I'll put some out in the office.