Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting Anxious

I'm getting a little anxious prior to my race. This usually happens the closer I get to it. Small races don't bother me. But the bigger the distance, the more 'uptight' I get the week of the race. Yesterday, I felt pretty crummy after my ride and run. My nose felt stuffy and I felt rundown. Right away all I could think was "I really don't need a cold right now." Not that there is ever a good time to have one, but this week would be bad. I was on the couch most of the afternoon reading. Around 8:30p I was starting to drift off. I shut out the lights and went to read in bed. Within 15 minutes I was turning the light out. I felt like an old woman. But sleep is what I was craving. I was out right away. About an hour into my sleep, the cell phone rang. It was the Wingman calling. I vaguely remember answering it and mumbling something about "not feeling well...tired...hash browns...want some whiskey in your water, sugar in your tea?" OK, the last part is from "Mama Told Me Not To Come" by Three Dog Night. We spoke for roughly 50 seconds and he said he'd call in the morning. I looked at the clock and it said 9:45p. I shut my eyes and fell back to sleep. When I opened my eyes again, it said 6:00a. Holy moly! I slept straight through the night. That's better than most newborn babies. Except for Baby BAMF - he's a rock star when it comes to sleeping.

When I woke up, I still felt a little 'stuffy' but that normally happens when I wake up so I wasn't too worried. I had my run to get in so I went out early and ran in 60 degree weather. It was nice and sort of cool, but I noticed that I was sweating more than usual. I was sweating like it was 80 degrees and humid. Go figure. Hopefully whatever was in my system got scared and ran out. Otherwise I will have to beat it into submission again. After my run I went to the bagel store. I was standing on line, minding my own business, when the guy behind me coughs. Without covering his mouth. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I hate germs to begin with but I hate rude people even more. Doesn't this guy know I'm tapering and could snap at any minute? Then, he does the unthinkable. He coughs again. Oh no he didn't. It was bad enough that he was too close and into my personal space, but then to add the cough? That was enough. I turned around and said "really?! You can't keep that to yourself?" He just gave me a look. Jerk off.

I spent the rest of the day driving around to take pictures and then cleaning up my basement office space (which is still not clean yet). I have a lot of work to do organizing and sorting my notes for school from previous semesters. Right now there are piles for each class, but no rhyme or reason to each pile. Someday.

I hit the office supply store to pickup new pens. I like blue pens for school because the computer notes are in B&W and the blue ink stands out for notes that I need to handwrite on the printouts. I pick up a nice pack and head to the register. The cashier asks if I want some kind of shopper/saver card. I politely declined. He kept saying "it's free" and I told him I don't want it. I don't want to give out my personal information for a 'reward' card that I'll never use. He finally stops the hard sell. He then asked if I wanted to buy a pen from the bin by his register. I just looked at him, paused and said "are you f*%king kidding me"  "no thanks, the pens I'm buying are enough." Why would you want to sell someone a pen that is buying a pack of pens? Where's the logic there? At this point I knew I had to get home fast or I'd be in jail for some bizarre offense. With the Wingman out of town, who would bail me out?

I made it home without further problems and am now catching up on laundry and reading. It's a light week at school. I only go in on Tuesday. Wednesday the oil company is coming to do the yearly service on the oil burner and then I will pack for my race. I still have to decide what top I am going to wear. For the longer races I like to be comfortable. Last year, I changed in T2 from a tri top to a running shirt. I plan on doing the same thing this year. Just have to plan out the shirts. I have an appt with Liliana Wednesday afternoon-ish. She'll work out any kinks in the legs prior to the race.

For now, it's back to the books and laundry baskets. The clothes won't fold themselves unfortunately.

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