Thursday, September 9, 2010

The drive to Williamsburg, VA

We left this morning and had a long drive ahead of us.  What was supposed to take "8.5" hours took over 10. We hit mega traffic in Virginia. Here is what you need to know about our ride in photos.

Jersey is AWESOME!! They have condiments on tap! 

Not sure where this tunnel was. Somewhere between
Delaware and Maryland.

We were driving for so long that I thought this 
was the Magic Kingdom (Cinderella's Castle)
but it was actually a Mormon church. Whoops!

The start of our traffic in Virginia.

Traffic woes continue. We crawled along for over two hours.

For all those mom's that don't know where to put their
kid when they use a public toilet. Here you go, just strap
the kid to the wall.

We made it to the hotel and these were waiting for us
at the front desk. Took the desk clerk a while to get to the desk and
we were so hungry it looked barren when we were done......

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