Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Ride

So the Wingman and I went out for the last long ride prior to my race. We looked at the weather forecast and decided to head east into the wind and then home with the wind. The ride out along 48 was tough. The winds were ~10mph (not that heavy) but it never stopped blowing. You were just hit with a constant headwind that wears your down. In Southold I pulled into a parking lot to take a breather, about 23 miles into the ride. We were getting close to the turnaround point, but part of me wanted to go back now. Wingman then said "Would you like me to ride in front now?" I was pulling the whole way out and now he  offers to ride in front. I told him "I think it's a little late for that now." But when we hit the road again, he went in front to block me from the wind for a few miles.

Since we were slowed down by the wind, we didn't make it as far as I had hoped, but I still got the time in. Once we turned around, things were much better. My mood lifted and we were happy riders again. It's amazing what some tailwind can do for you.

We did have one scary moment. A few weeks back we passed a deli with an overpowering smell of bacon. I thought for sure I would lose the Wingman there. But he dealt with the inner conflict and stayed with me. Wow, I rate higher than bacon on his list. Today was a whole new issue. We were in Southold on 25 and I took a big wiff of something and turned my head back towards the Wingman and at the same time we both said:

It really was a struggle to not turn around and find the source of the donut smell, but we rode on. I heard Wingman behind me shouting "we have to stop. Turn around.  We need donuts!!! Stop!" I almost felt bad, but knew that if we ate donuts we'd never finish the ride.

I remembered the camera and took some photos along the way.

Port of Egypt? Did we make a wrong turn?

Quiet section of 25 near the Greenport/Southold border

I love the scenery on the ride

It's never easy to pass Magic Fountain Ice Cream shop

We know we're getting close to home when
we come up on the Old Steeple Church

Wingman smiling despite passing the donut shop earlier

Modern Snack Bar - getting closer to home

A glass punctured tire brought my ride to a 
screeching halt only 4 miles from home.

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