Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ode to a total badass

On our group ride Sunday, we started out as a group 7 riders and by the end we were down to 4. Along the way there was a bike crash and Teresa went down. She banged her arm, leg and hand pretty good. Ian (who from this day forward shall be known as MacGyver - I believe he was actually thinking about using some chewing gum to hold the spokes in place) managed to temporarily fix her broken spokes so she could ride home. That's right ladies and gentlemen, Teresa rode home. Wynn and Wingman rode ahead to get the truck to come back to pick her up, but we wound up making it back to almost a mile from the house when Wynn pulled up. They loaded up her bike and then the remaining 4 of us (me, Crazy Mark, 'MacGyver', and Joan) made it back to the house. Teresa showed some serious warrior spirit by riding home, so we awarded her the warrior hat for the group ride. MacGyver earned the other warrior hat for his ability to repair the spokes and then he and Joan rode in front to shield Teresa from the wind. Now here's a little insight into what makes Teresa a total badass (in case the ride home wasn't clue enough):

- Teresa doesn't mow her own lawn, she stands out there and dares it to grow
- Teresa counted to infinity - twice
- When Teresa does pushups, she doesn't push herself up, she pushes the world down
- Teresa once broke the land speed record on a bike that was missing a chain and the back tire
- Teresa can sneeze with her eyes open
- Teresa ordered a Big Mac at Burger King......and got one
- Rudolph has a red nose because Teresa kicked him
- Teresa doesn't run from tornados, tornados run from Teresa

I chatted with her yesterday and she is feeling better, which is always good news because I need my running partner on her feet!!

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