Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stop me if you've heard this one......

What goes "Run, cough, walk.......Run, cough, walk....."? That would be me this morning. I met up with my fellow training partners - Wingman, Teresa, Ian and Joan (Wynn was already out running) - for a 1 hour trail run. After yesterday's ride, I felt really wiped out and thought about bailing before the run today. But when I woke up this morning I thought "wow, I feel great!" So at High Noon we met up and headed out for a 1 hour trail run. Teresa led the way. Once we got to the trail, we started to "run". We went nice and easy, but the coughing started immediately. I would stop to walk at each ice patch in the trail to ease my throat and then resume running. But when running resumed, so did the cough. I think I actually lasted ~20 minutes at most. Phew. The rest of the time was spent walking the trails. This was the 2nd workout that I fell off the back of the pack. I just don't have it yet, as I was reminded last night in a 'scolding' email from Jen. She reminded me to not go out so hard and just ease into the workouts. And I figured that out after 20 minutes of attempted running. See, I can catch on quick.

I had a brief scare at one point. I stopped to turn around to see where the Wingman was and I saw him standing with his pants down around his ankles. My first thought was "WTF is he doing?!?!" But then I realized he was taking off his sweatpants and had running shorts underneath. How a real warrior runs.

One thing I forgot to mention about riding yesterday with the crew. Joan doesn't take kindly to Wheel Suckers. So consider yourself warned if you ever go riding with them. She won't give a warning shot. You have to ask yourself do you feel lucky, well, do you, punk?

After the run, we bid adieu to our friends and hit the supermarket and then home before the Jets game. Now I am on the couch bundled up waiting for my beloved Jets. If they can win today, and that is a big if, they will play in the superbowl in two weeks. Hopefully this week will bring me better health. It's my last week off before school starts. Zoinks!

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  1. Remind me not to ride with Joan! Will u do the valentines run for Jim mcwhinnie?
    And I want to ask you something about SUNY . Will call during the week. Feel better!