Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Today was the 21st annual HoHoHo Holiday 5k in Bethpage. I've done this race a couple of times, but ever in the snow. Yesterday, we were blanketed with snow and today we had some cold winds. Just staying warm was going to be a challenge. The winds gave the illusion of 16 degree temps. I wore my new Nike running tights, a long sleeve black shirt and my cycling jacket. I made the mistake of wearing my regular running shoes. I really needed my running trail shoes. I had no traction and on the 2nd loop of the course, it was a challenge to not slide a little.

I waited inside the building so I could keep my feet warm as long as possible. Once I went out, I huddled inside a large group so the wind would not affect me. The gun went off and so did my warmth. My plan was just to stay comfortable and upright. I didn't care about my times because of the weather. The course consisted of two short loops adding up to 5k. Little did I know that the race started with the wind at my back. Once I came around to the back side of the loop, I was smacked in the face with just how cold it was outside. I wore a hat, but my face was freezing. It was hard to run faster because of the conditions, but I couldn't wait to get off this road.

Once I made the turn it was like a heat wave. Woo hoo, I'm warm again. The 2nd loop went just as uneventful as the 1st. I cruised in to the finish and went straight to the car, changed my jackets and headed into the gym to the Russian food line. It's amazing how long the line is when the food is free. I waited patiently for my free bagel and banana and passed on the donuts. Then I headed into the main gym to wait for the raffle. Every year they have an ass kicking top prize and I am convinced it is my destiny to win. The prize this year was a 26in LCD TV. I walked past it before the raffle muttering "You will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine." But it was not to be. I was passed over............again. Next year. There is always next year.

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