Sunday, October 19, 2008

2009 Racing Season

Well, the year is coming to an end and of course I am already thinking about racing in 2009. This was a rough year because of school and recovering from some nagging running injuries. I would love to do another Ironman race, but the time is just not right. Once I finish school I will do another. But for 2009, this is a rough idea of what I am thinking:

  • Greenbelt Trail 25k - May
  • Montauk Sprint Triathlon - July
  • NYC Triathlon (relay) - July
  • TOBAY Triathlon - August
  • Steelhead Half Ironman (maybe) - August
  • Army 10 Miler - October
  • Some late fall Half Marathon
We'll see as this year comes to a close how things shake out. I am eager to get running more consistently again. Plus I think I want to add early morning swimming to my schedule in the spring. I have to wait for my school schedule though.

I was fortunate enough to meet a local triathlete yesterday after the Ridley race. I knew of him, but never met him. We met after the race and talked about different races. He was super nice. He is very competitive in his age group (M50-54). He can usually qualify for Kona each year, but passed on it this year. I guess it can be expensive to do. He said he was doing the NYC Marathon next month. I'm sure he will do well.