Saturday, June 7, 2008

Back from the West Coast.......

Well, made it back. I wish the flight back was uneventful. We were delayed on the 2nd leg from Vegas to NY due to a storm in the area.  Sat on the runway for an hour then finally took off. There were storms across the country so we had a little bit of a bumpy ride - which is not good if you easily get motion sickness........

* Learned a few things about bike fitting and can't wait to test it out.  Met some interesting people from Trek bicycles (fitters and engineers) and got some good input from them.   The "Boss" and I have to sit down and figure out how we can improve upon the process and really tailor it to each client - making it a unique fit.  There's more to the Tri position that just "what feels good".  So, we'll work on a plan and find some guinea pigs to practice on.  There will be no shortage there ;-)

* Just a few more weeks and I begin the DPT program at SBU.   Got my supplies in for the anatomy with dissection course (scalpels, forceps, scissors, etc).

* Been riding well since I got home.   Went out early on Saturday to avoid the heat, but still managed to get a little red.  Didn't realize how much I missed the flat lands of Long Island.  Out in CA, we were at ~45oo' and it was hilly.   It wasn't too much fun to ride because I am not in 'climbing' shape.   I am sure if I was doing more hills I would have enjoyed it more.  I ran well, though, go figure.

* Dropped the Wingman off at the airport for his trip to FLA.  When he gets back we head out on a short weekend getaway.  Can't wait!!

* Got the deck cleaned (mostly) and cleaned my BBQ.   Grilled up some chicken.   Love chicken.

* Stopped in at the bike shop to innocently pickup my gels and could very well end up with a new component set for my road bike.  Ice water running through my veins.............

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