Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Day

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, or Turkey day. I think it should be called "Stuffed Fat Pig" day since that's what I wind up feeling like by the time dessert rolls around. To prepare for an afternoon of non-stop eating, the Wingman and I had a full morning planned.

We started out in Mattituck for their annual 5k Turkey Trot. We haven't done this race in years, but were looking forward to racing a little closer to home. My goal for this race was to just run it 'at a trot pace'. The "PR or ER" machine was turned off for the day. It's a nice course that's relatively flat. Only near the end do you have one short hill to get over before the finish. After I finished, I waited for the Wingman. We went into the gym and grabbed some fruit and water, then bolted home to get some more activity in before the eating began.

Since Wingman's been working crazy hours, we haven't had a chance to ride together so we grabbed the road bikes and went for a ride. The temps were a little cool at the start, but within 10 minutes I was nice and warm. There was a little wind to contend with, but nothing too strong. We pedaled along for close to 2 hours, working up an appetite.

Once we got home, it was time to shower and get dressed up for dinner. We drove to Dolores' house where the main guest Mr. Louie was waiting. As usual, I ate way too much food. But I had a great time and that trumps everything.

So I sit here today, like a bloated fat pig, trying to think of how to get my fat ass off the couch. I have a half marathon in one week so I need to work off the turkey bloat in a hurry!!

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