Sunday, February 19, 2012

Where does the time go?

Holy cow, I must have been busy. Didn't realize it had been so long since my last post. Work keeps me busy (both jobs now). I am working in Sag Harbor part-time for the month of February so I get a little time off for good behavior. We've also had weird computer issues a the tax office where they run slow when there are too many people working. That has made me shift when I work. I now work Friday nights from 7-10 or 11p and Saturday night 5-10 or 11p. This actually works out great because I can have my daytime free, sleep in if I need it so I'm not so tired; and get my workouts in. Plus there is no one else working except for me so I have the office to myself. I can get a lot of work done in a short period of time with no interruption. When Monday comes along, I have a nice day to myself! It feels like a 3 day day weekend. I'm thinking of doing the same thing next year, regardless of the computer speeds.

With Monday's off, I had the pleasure of my very first photo shoot with a VIP client. Miss Lily will be turning 1 in march and her mom (my cousin Jen) asked if I would take some photos of her. I was a bit nervous as I have never done anything like it before. I usually take photos of landscapes, etc; not kids. But I was willing to try. Miss Lily was such a trooper. Seriously, I've never seen an 11 month old be so pleasant for so long. She had one little sour moment, but her mommy jumped in and cheered her up pretty quickly. The shoot was setup at Lily's grandma's house. We had furniture moved and a nice area setup. I found myself on my belly under the dining room table to take the photos. The things I do for this kid.......

I took ~190 pictures that day. Miss Lily was such a model. I will never forget the cupcake shot sequence or the teddy bear sequence. Not sure the poor bear will forget either - he's traumatized............ Thank you Miss Lily for letting me be your personal photographer. Can't wait for our next photo session.

On the training front, Mallorca is 2 months away. I'm trying to get all the workouts in, but I've been stressed about my regular job. I'm doing a lot of evaluations (which I don't mind), but it increases the paperwork I have to do. I've had a few good patients coming in that I've tried to keep on my schedule so I would have something to look forward to each day. But somehow I always get a patient just before lunch that makes me lose my appetite so I wind up not eating, which sets me back a bit. The last time I skipped lunch was because my patient was a smoker. I didn't treat him in a room, I had him on a table in the gym area so it would be well ventilated, but it didn't matter. The smell was horrible. Made me sick to my stomach. Despite scrubbing my hands, I could still smell him. He's a 30+ year smoker and that shit is in his skin and embedded in his breath. Totally disgusting.  By the end of the week, I was throwing up the white flag. It was a bad week.  Hopefully things will get better.........hopefully.........

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