Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday wrap up

Wingman and I just finished watching the women's Curling match on TV between the USA and Great Britain. I believe it was back in 2002 during the Salt Lake City games when we got hooked on Curling. Unfortunately in the US it's not on TV so we have to wait every four years in order to watch. The match tonight wen to an extra end to decide the winner. The US team came back from 2 stones down to win, 6-5.

This morning I ventured out to Kings Park to meet up with Teresa and her homeboys Wynn and Crazy Mark to run the course for a race that is coming up in a few weeks. I knew going into it that I would not be able to run the full course (9.3 miles), but we managed 7 miles today. Let me tell you, that course is wicked hilly. Teresa carried the map and off we went. The beginning was real easy. Perhaps starting out downhill had something to do with it. About 1 mile in is where the first hill comes into play. We managed to get up without an issue and I was thinking "Hey, this course isn't so bad." We chatted away and the miles seemed to float by. Then we made "the turn." There is a road named Kohr Road that we renamed "whore road." What a hill to climb. As we made our way up, I couldn't see where it ended. When I thought we were at the top, I looked right and said to Teresa "oh crap, don't look to your right." The street continues upward after a bend to the right. Finally we got to the top and found our running rhythm again. I think we faired pretty well overall. I originally thought I was going to bail after 5-6 miles, but I made it through 7, which is pretty good seeing as how I am not running very well these days. I was worried about slowing Teresa down, but she didn't seem to mind. She has become my running muse. I seem to run well when I run with her. I will join her again next weekend to tackle the same course. The group was kind enough to agree to start earlier in the morning for me so I can run longer and then get to work on time. I'm mulling the idea of signing up for the race. I'll see how I do next weekend on the course and take it from there.

Tomorrow some of my fellow Warriors (Wynn and Teresa) will be riding with the Wingman and I in the morning before I head out to work. After Wingman's bike fitting the other night, he is eager to get riding again. The order for his new bike has been placed and we should have it by mid/late April. In the meantime, he'll have to make do with his current ride.

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  1. I just heard on the Sunday morning shows that Wall Street loves to watch curling games these last two weeks, they find it relaxing. This may be the next big sport. I still do not understand it, but I like watching that thing glide on the ice.