Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Planning out 2010

Wow, the end of the season is almost here for me. It's a little later than usual, but it's almost over. I'm trying to plan out my 2010 season. Mark my words, it will end much earlier next year than it did this year! My spring semester in school will be a crazy one. I have 6 classes I am enrolled in. Plus I will be working weekends and volunteering in the gait analysis research lab. That means my spring racing schedule will be an easy one. The races will be on the short side. My summer clinical dates are June 7th-July 30th. So far this is what I am thinking about:

3x2 mile Trail Relay

March (all weather permitting)
Xterra Trail 5k - Syosset
Xterra Trail 5k - Bethpage

Xterra Trail 5k - Stony Brook

LI Festival of Races 10k

Great South Bay Tri

Montauk Open Water Swim Race
Montauk Sprint Triathlon

Amagansett Open Water Swim Race
West Point Triathlon (unless Wingman wants to go back to NH for the Timberman Sprint)

Patriot's Half Williamsburg, VA
Warrior Dash

Entenmann's 10k
Run for the Ridley (if it does not conflict with the new Army 10 Miler date)
Army 10 Miler

Blazing Trails 4 Autism (the race shirt is a hooded sweatshirt!!)
HoHoHo Holiday run?
Just keep it fun with easy races

I am still thinking about an Olympic distance tri for the end of July or August. Just haven't found it yet. Wingman and I plan on doing some riding with Wynn this summer as he prepares for his big race in September. I also need to commit to starting my swim training much earlier and be diligent about going. Lots to do and so little time.................

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